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Many communities have been faced with challenging times in recent years, from major floods to bush fires. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you have adequate Home Insurance. There are four major insurance types you should consider:

Covers reinstating or replacement of your home and external buildings such as the garage, garden sheds fences and gates after a loss. Also includes removing debris, temporary accommodation costs during rebuilding, and professional fees for drawing plans if necessary, so make sure your cover is adequate to include these extra costs. Since all homes are different, it pays to seek professional advice if necessary to estimate the cost of replacing your home.

We can arrange cover with leading insurers who do not impose under-insurance penalties. Be sure to insure your home for an adequate amount especially in light of rising home values. Risks covered include fire, storm, water damage, even impact by vehicles and falling trees.

Includes personal belongings, clothing, furniture and appliances etc. with a choice of Accidental Damage or Defined Events cover.

‘Accidental Damage’ is a broader cover which includes breakage and covers items away from home. ‘Defined Event’ is limited to your home only and defined risks such as fire, storm and water damage, theft by forcible entry.

Limits apply to jewellery, valuables, fine arts, collections or curios, so valuable items should be itemised. Includes fusion or burning out of motors in refrigerators or freezers, and food spoilage. We recommend you write and inventory of contents and keep updating it as you obtain more items, to ensure coverage for full replacement value.

This policy covers jewellery, watches, cameras & photographic equipment for accidental loss and is not limited to your home address.

Covers your legal liability of you and your family and pays for legal costs and awards made by Australian courts. Cover is automatic with either Home Building or Home Contents policies.

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