High technology protection for IT professionals

If you work in the IT industry, you're exposed to more regulation and increased responsibility than ever and are becoming targets of litigation. So you need to be aware of your legal rights and take steps to protect yourself. Rose Stanton can help.

Any professional or consultant who provides advice can be liable for compensating a client, which can potentially cripple your business and your livelihood. As governing bodies now have greater powers and today's increased litigation. So talk to us about your unique situation and we'll recommend an IT Liability Insurance solution or tailor a product to protect you.

How IT Liability Insurance can protect you

IT Liability Insurance can protect you against your legal liability arising from acts, errors, omissions and breach of professional duties. It also covers your legal costs and other expenses required to defend yourself.

Specialised legal representation

You need specialist legal representation, so IT Liability Insurance ensures you'll be able to engage skilled legal support to ensure the best outcome.

More back-up for IT professionals

Here's an example of the types of expenses you could be covered for:

- Claims for compensation
- Legal costs and expenses
- Intellectual Property
- Trade Practices actions
- Libel and slander
- Fraud and dishonesty
- Previous business
- Outgoing principles
- Infringement of copyright
- Joint venture liability

We can tailor your IT Liability Insurance to incorporate the following policy features:

- Unlimited retroactive cover
- Additional reporting period
- Severability and non-imputation

Product liability

The systems you provide can be regarded as 'products' in a legal sense, so we can provide an IT Combined Liability Insurance policy which includes product liability cover.

Public Liability cover

You're covered for personal Injury or Property Damage including legal fees incurred as a result of your business being held liable.

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