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You've worked hard to acquire your property, so look after it. Your property is not only a valuable asset, it is integral in providing an income stream either as your business premises or rental property.

A raft of hazards have impacted Australians in recent years, from fires to floods, so it's important to know how to protect your property and what to protect it from. Commercial Property Owners Insurance is a cost effective and worthwhile way to protect your prized asset. At Rose Stanton, we can tailor policies to suit your property and your unique needs which may include a portfolio of covers.

This policy covers the risks of fire, storms and ‘tempests’, impact and malicious damage and automatic accident cover. If your cover is adequate, it provides full replacement and can also include removal of debris, professional fees and additional costs.

If your tenants are forced to relocate due to the damage, you’re reimbursed for loss of rent while your property in untenanted. This can be important if you depend on rent to provide income to service a property loan.

If thieves or burglars forcibly break in, this cover pays out.

This policy covers glass replacement due to breakage and can even extend to signwriting, window frames and illuminated signs.

Compensates for costs due to personal injury or property damage and includes legal fees if you are held legally liable.

Covers unforseen and sudden damage to machinery and mechanical equipment like air conditioning equipment.

Look after your employees who may be injured by accident or industrial diseases during their employment. They are legally entitled to compensation under various Workers Compensation statutes. Acts in each state and territory in Australia require employers to maintain compulsory, no fault insurance to cover their legal liability.

A call from the tax man or other government agencies can bring significant expense. Tax Audit Insurance covers fees charged by accountants or other professionals and costs for obtaining expert advice during a Taxation Office audit or investigation by other government authorities.

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