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Think about your business and what’s important to you. Consider what you have and what potential issues may affect you, to see if your business is protected. Then get it back to us and we’ll provide a quotation, all with no obligation.

Protection for people

This is for people on your premises, whether they be staff, clients or guests, and covers your legal liability should they be injured.

If you own a property, this covers your legal liability if that property causes injury to anyone.

If your staff or any specified people are injured at work, this provides weekly, monthly or lump sum income support.

This looks after your staff in the case of illness or injury, and is required in every state by various Workers Compensation statutes.

If you travel for business, we can cover you for loss of luggage, deposits and medical expenses.

You may be a doctor or specialist, in fact any professional, this protects you from litigation due to negligence.

The increased powers of the ASIC and other bodies mean you need this cover more than ever to protect yourself against claims due to negligence while acting as an officer or director.

Protect your assets

This provides protection from fire, lightning, explosions, aircraft, storms & tempests (violent storms), water damage, floods, malicious damage, motor vehicle impact, even riots and strikes.

If a burglar breaks in, or someone is hiding on the premises and steals something, this covers the loss.

This protects cash in a till, safe or strongroom even cash in transit.

Can include all glass items or specific panes like shop windows, even signwriting and frames.

This is for other important things of value, generally portable, on your premises.

Loss or damage to equipment like a computer, stereo, a data projector, perhaps and also includes the interruption to your business due to the loss of that equipment.

We can arrange CTP green slip insurance, comprehensive cover and different forms of third party, for your business and private vehicles, at competitive rates.

Do you ship or import goods locally or overseas, or transport materials to job sites? Transit insurance covers them.

Protect your livelihood

A storm, burglary or property damage could affect your ability to continue trading, so this compensates your for that loss of income.

This not only deals with a sudden or unforseen machine breakdown, you can even extend cover for loss of income or damage caused by the breakdown.

Protects you from losses due to fraudulent or dishonest activities by your staff.

A visit from the tax man can incur substantial fees from professionals like accountants and lawyers, that’s why you need Tax Audit insurance.

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