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Public Liability Insurance

As a small business owner, you are liable for claims made by any third party if you are found legally responsible for personal injury or damage to their property. You may also find yourself in situations where you need to show a Certificate of Currency for Public and Products Liability Insurance before you can start work. Don't put yourself at risk, Rose Stanton Insurance Brokers can arrange cover that can protect you from unforeseen mishaps.

For instance, local councils require a certificate of currency of the company's public liability insurance for footpath liability, before they will allow the business to use the footpath area outside the business to display goods for sale. If you're a restaurant owner, a certificate of currency is required before you can use the footpath area for tables and chairs. This is indicative of how councils are transferring some of their public liability onto business owners. In the case of trade show organisers, cover is required for exhibitor stalls.

Products Liability Insurance

The products you sell are a valuable source of income. But what happens if a defective product or something you do causes injury to a member of the public or their property? Increased litigation in recent years has meant business owners need to prove they hold public liability insurance before they can proceed with certain aspects of their business.

Products Liability Insurance is recommended for any business which supplies products to customers or to members of the public. It covers claims for personal injury or property damage and also covers your court or legal costs.

Product Recall Insurance

If a product line you sell is proven to be defective, you may need cover for more than simply the Product Liability. You may have to recall the product from the market.

So we are also able to arrange Product Recall Insurance which covers the costs for recalling and replacing a defective product. Product recalls can be voluntary, or required by a regulatory or government authority. Either way, a product recall can be extremely costly for your company.

Talk to us about how Product Recall Insurance can help protect your business and minimise damage to your company's brands and reputation.

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